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All businesses operating within the City of Camilla must possess a current Business License/Regulatory Certificate the first day of business. Unsure if you are a business? The City of Camilla Code of Ordinances states:

“Every person doing business within the City of Camilla, except those who by state or local law are exempt, shall be required to register with the city on a form provided by the city clerk. Person shall include sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships or any other form of business organization.” (Source: City of Camilla Code of Ordinances, Part II, Title 9, Licensing and Regulation, Section 9-1-1). Applicants applying for a business license with the City of Camilla must present proof of ownership (deed) or in the case of leasing property, a notarized letter from the property owner stating applicant has permission to apply for a business license at subject location/address.

Business licenses/regulatory certificates are non-transferable and a transfer of ownership is considered as the termination of one business and establishment of another business. The new owner of the business is required to apply for a business license/regulatory certificate and the previous owner will need to complete a non-renewal form and mail it to the City of Camilla. Your Business License/Regulatory Certificate is valid for one year (calendar year) and expires on December 31st of each year, regardless of the date purchased.

The State of Georgia requires all applicants for a business license to complete a notarized affidavit of lawful presence per O.C.G.A. § 50-36-1, also called the SAVE Affidavit. This affidavit must be accompanied by a secure and verifiable document (identification). A second affidavit requirement, E-Verify, requires a representative of the business to provide a notarized signature on either the Private Employer Exemption Affidavit (for businesses with nine or fewer employees) or the Private Employer Affidavit of Compliance (for businesses with ten or more employees). As of July 1, 2013, Georgia State Law requires businesses with ten or more employees to register with E-Verify. 

To print an application for a business license/regulatory certificate, click here. To make changes or update a current license/certificate on file, click here. Each person licensed under Title 43 of the State License Examining Board shall be required to provide evidence of proper and current state licensure before a business license may be issued.

The information presented on this website is not all-inclusive and is not a substitute for the Code of Ordinances for the City of Camilla. You are encouraged to contact a representative of the Business License/Regulatory Certificate Department at (229) 330-2317 for information specific to your business or occupation.

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